USACE Upgrades to Access Control Points 3 and 4

ACP 3 Electrical Building: 320 GSF
ACP 4 Gatehouse: 918 GSF
ACP 4 Search Office: 746 GSF
Type of contract
New Cumberland, PA
Completion date
December 2017
Construction value

The US Army Corps of Engineers hired TMG Construction for the design-build upgrade of two Access Control Points (ACPs) at the Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.

The project involves the design and construction of an integrated system of active and passive vehicle barriers at these entry control points to prevent threat vehicles from breaching a secured compound perimeter.

The overall project was performed in two phases, one for each of the two ACPs. The scope for both points included new drainage structures, asphalt pavement, canopies over truck and automobile entrance and inspection facilities, traffic control buildings, fencing lighting, communications, new prefabricated guard booths, and intrusion detection and closed circuit television systems, in addition to electrical service upgrades, emergency generators and control systems to activate and monitor the new vehicle barriers.

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Award Winning Safety