Boeing Air Handling Units 2 & 4 and 10 & 12, 2S2 Swing Space and Wedge Renovation

Type of contract
Fixed Price
Fort Belvoir, VA
Completion date
March 2022
Construction value

Under this contract, TMG performed the demolition, installation and commissioning of Air Handling Units (AHUs) 2&4 and 10&12 and the renovation/refresh of associated rooms.

The scope included structural, architectural, electrical, mechanical systems, humidification, variable air volume (VAV) systems, fire protection, lighting, and A/V systems.

As part of this project, TMG also designed and constructed the 2S2 Swing Space and the design and construction of the remaining quadrant (Wedge) of the area served by AHUs 2 & 4.

Project photography not allowed at this mission-critical location. Stock image provided.

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