Arlington Old Dominion Salt Structure

Type of contract
Fixed Price
Arlington, VA
Completion date
January 2019
Construction value

In April 2018, engineers determined that the existing salt dome was unsafe and at risk for collapsing. TMG was awarded the Salt Dome demolition and expansion as an emergency purchase order by Arlington so that salt management and storage could be up and operational before the 2018-19 snow season. TMG met an aggressive schedule all while coordinating seamlessly with our self-perform crew, subcontractors, owner’s vendors, owner’s designers, and 3rd party and county inspectors.

The project involved clearing, excavating, grading, and paving a lot adjacent to the existing dome. Permanent and temporary stormwater measures were included to support the site’s new use. The contract also included updating the electrical service to accommodate the new power and lighting requirements. After the pavement and grade beam were placed, TMG was tasked with procuring, placing and securing approximately 300 concrete eco-blocks to serve as the 87’0” x 126’0” foundation for the new metal-framed membrane-roofed ClearSpan structure. To ensure that the remainder of the project progressed on schedule, TMG coordinated other construction activities with and worked alongside ClearSpan in the roofing effort.

The final phase involved demolishing the 90-year-old and dangerous 30-foot-high rusted and deteriorating existing facility once the salt had been relocated to the new structure.

TMG self-performed the majority of this contract utilizing our in-house labor crews and civil equipment/machinery.

Award Winning Safety

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Award Winning Safety