Goose Creek Pier Demolition

Type of contract
Fixed Price
IDIQ Job Order
Leesburg, VA
Completion date
September 2020
Construction value

TMG was awarded the demolition of the abandoned bridge piers and clearing of Goose Creek through the Loudoun County Stormwater JOC Program.

TMG collaborated with Loudoun County Stormwater to joint scope the clearing of Goose Creek while staying within the client’s budget. The project demolished and hauled the abandoned bridge infrastructure that was left behind during the expansion of Route 7. The crew installed temporary access to the river and all required erosion & sediment controls. Three 20’x20’ reinforced concrete piers were crushed and hauled off-site, totaling approximately 450 tons of concrete and rebar. The large debris pile that was damming up the river was also chipped and hauled off site, totaling approximately 1,112 cubic yards. Once cleared, the river was restored to its natural state.

The project was completed seven days ahead of schedule.

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