Air Traffic Control Tower Roof Repair and Replacement

Type of contract
Lump Sum
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
Completion date
September 2011
Construction value

TMG replaced two levels of roofing on the historic Air Traffic Control Tower at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA).

The top-most portion, constructed of steel and metal, was re-sealed, scraped and then painted. The lower portion of the roof served as a catwalk. On this level, the existing pavers were removed, the substrate repaired, and new roofing membrane and walk-pads installed.

An intricate four-story scaffold was erected to serve as a basis for yet another scaffold that functioned as a swing-stage raised and lowered by means of 12 cables and six motors. This configuration allowed movement of the platform between the different levels of the tower without blocking the view of the air traffic controllers as the ATCT roof was refurbished. In addition to the use of netting, care was taken to protect the lower level roofing of the terminal, in particular the glass-covered awnings over the entranceways.

Once work on the exterior of the ATCT was complete, the crew moved inside to perform climate control measures of the “attic” space immediately below the uppermost roof. This phase involved spraying insulation, sealing the core area, and painting.

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