KOKV Hangars

17,000 SF
Type of contract
Fixed Price
Winchester Regional Airport, Winchester, VA
Completion date
December 2023

Construction Corporation has formalized a public-private partnership with Winchester Regional Airport (OKV) to design and build 32 private aircraft hangars and associated development at OKV.

The first phase of the project involves the sale and construction of eleven new hangars that will be grouped into two buildings along the southeast side of the general aviation ramp near the end of runway 32. The back of each hangar has access to the service road and the front connects directly to the ramp.

Each hangar is insulated, heated, and comes with a bathroom. Since these are part of a condominium association, all hangars include central compressed air, internet, electronic access control, common storage and an outdoor picnic area. Additional floorplan configurations are available which can include an office, pilot’s lounge, or other improvements to meet the needs of each owner.

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Award Winning Safety