(Effective 05/01/2022 (Update 10)
The following protocol is effective 05/01/2022.

This policy applies to all TMG Employees, Subcontractors, Consultants and others who have a direct interaction with TMG operations;

  1. This policy is applicable to and shall be followed by all people involved in TMG operations (including employees, subcontractors, delivery personnel, consultants, etc.) except for situations in which public law, public policy and/or customer requirements are greater.
  2.  All TMG employees are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 as of 12/31/21.
  3.  All people affected by this policy are encouraged to wear a mask or at minimum maintain six feet physical distancing to minimize the further transmission of the illness to protect themselves and others;
  4. All people involved in TMG operations are expected to exercise good hygiene and social behaviors (i.e.:  wash hands regularly, contain coughs, wear a mask when the potential for COVID-19 exposure is elevated);
  5. All individuals who are involved in TMG operations who are feeling sick or have an elevated temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or as otherwise mandated by local authorities are not allowed on TMG controlled jobsites and/or in offices. Individuals exhibiting signs of illness are asked to stay home and to seek medical help as may be appropriate;
  6. All offices and jobsites shall readily make available: disposable masks, germicide, hand soap, and paper towels for public and staff use;
  7. Employees and Visitors to TMG offices and jobsite shall be notified that their attendance is subject to their being in good health, to not having a cough or a fever and that they shall act consistent with this policy;
  8. All individuals involved in TMG operations that have been exposed to an individual who has been tested positive or believes he or she has been directly exposed to COVID-19 shall stay home, and be quarantined until tested and established that it is safe to return to work based on CDC guidelines;
  9. Involvement in travel and attendance of training and public events shall be accomplished in accordance with these guidelines;
  10. Employees, business associates and/or visitors that are non-vaccinated that transmit COVID-19 to others while engaged in TMG activities that results in illness or disruptions to the workplace are subject to disciplinary action (to include dismissal) and/or sanctions;
  11. Work from home policy and all other aspects of business, shall return to pre COVID-19 normal to the fullest extent practical;
  12. A summary of this policy, shall be made available to employees and the public at every TMG office and the policy shall be made readily available via TMG’s website, intranet and by other means to all employees and non-employees; and
  13. The above policy is effective the date and time noted above and shall be superseded by updates when new information is made available.

Your health and safety are vitally important. Stay vigilant and take extra care to protect yourself and others from acquiring and/or spreading this or any other socially transmitted illness.