Woodies Building 3rd Floor Office Build-Out

48,000 SF
Type of contract
Fixed Price
Washington, DC
Completion date
May 2017
Construction value

TMG performed the interior renovation of 48,000 SF of a commercial office building to convert the space to a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).

The renovation was completed within an occupied facility in downtown Washington DC. The building, the Woodward and Lothrop Building or “Woodies,” was declared a D.C. Historic Landmark in 1964.

The project was split into phases to allow occupants to move back into the space as each phase was complete. The build-out included new mantraps at each end of the elevator lobby, hardened entry ways, electrified hardware with LKM locks, select new Variable Air Volume (VAV), new office walls and partitions, new CRAC unit, remodeled break rooms, paint, and new carpet tile throughout. The project also added security film to the existing glass windows and repaired deteriorating window frames.

Award Winning Safety

The very first tenet expressed in TMG’s Values Statement is “Safety Matters.” Using this statement as a guiding principle, TMG has developed an award-winning safety record driven by training and attention to detail.

Award Winning Safety