USACE Pentagon Metro Entrance Visitor Screening Facilities

9,390 SF (4,380 SF new construction, 5,010 SF renovation)
Type of contract
Pentagon Reservation, Arlington, Virginia
Completion date
December 2015
Construction value

The Pentagon Metro Entrance Facility project involved a LEED Silver Certified building expansion adjacent to the Pentagon Metrorail Station entrance located on the Southeast side of the Pentagon. The full scope included the design and construction of this secure entry point to the Pentagon to replace a temporary modular building that provided security functions.

The new screening facility allows security personnel to perform enhanced identification verification procedures, screen personnel and visitors along with their belongings for prohibited items, and deny or permit entry into the Pentagon Building. Individual screening areas include a 4,380 SF facility that functions as a secure visitor pedestrian access control point to the Pentagon, where visitors are received and security screening is conducted prior to entering the Pentagon. The facility is attached to the existing Pentagon building with access to the existing Visitor Waiting Area and is equipped to handle the processing and administrative tasks related to verifying credentials and issuing the necessary documents for access.

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