NPS Historic Peirce Mill Complex Rehabilitation

Type of contract
Fixed Price
Washington, DC
Completion date
July 2011
Construction value

Renovations were completed at the National Park Service’s Peirce Mill Complex located within Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC. Built in 1829 and now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Peirce Mill was the last of eight water mills operating along Rock Creek until it ceased commercial operations in 1897. Originally restored in 1934 and opened to the public, the mill was closed again in 1993 due to a major failure of the wooden machinery.

The TMG team demolished the c. 1970s restoration race and installed a new stone-faced concrete race, one which uses a re-circulating water system comprised of two 8” cog pumps that push the water past a new mill wheel to bring life back to the mill’s interior grain equipment. Woodwork included the reproduction of a heavy plank wood door, installation of heavy wood timber framing, and repairs to existing wood framing members through the use of epoxy patching materials.

All modifications brought the building and grounds into compliance with ADA guidelines, and mechanical and electrical systems were brought up to current codes. Additionally, new communication, fire suppression, fire alarm and security systems were installed, and hazardous materials properly removed. Upon completion of this project, the Mill is once again open to visitors.

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