HABC Scattered Sites Energy Conservation Measures

369 tenant sites
Type of contract
IDIQ Job Order
Baltimore, MD
Completion date
June 2023
Construction value

The Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) is executing a self-directed Energy Performance Contract (EPC-2) project involving selected HABC properties that include most of its inventory of scattered site housing units, located across much of Baltimore City.

The EPC-2 program involves the development and installation/construction of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) intended to reduce the consumption of energy and water utilities.

Under our Job Order Contract with HABC, TMG performed the Phase Two Work Scope that procured and installed one or more of the following ECMs for 369 HABC scattered site tenant addresses:

  • Low flow aerators for kitchen and bathroom faucets and low flow showerheads (336 addresses)
  • LED lighting fixtures for selected rooms/spaces (369 addresses)
  • Fixed set-point thermostats for central-system space temperature control (369 addresses)
  • Instantaneous type gas-fired condensing water heaters (155 addresses)
  • Natural gas-fired condensing furnaces (155 addresses)

Nearly all the HABC scattered site housing inventory comprises rowhouses. Most are single address properties. Some of the rowhouses, however, have been divided into two or more apartments; in these cases, the individual apartment addresses are typically individually metered for electric and natural gas utilities and have individual appliances including for space heating and domestic hot water.

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