Unit Renovations at LeDroit Senior Apartments

Type of contract
Fixed price task order
Washington, DC
Completion date
Est December 2023
Construction value
Phase 1: $2,320,700
Phase 2: $2,018,300
Phase 3: $3,651,200
Phase 4: $3,324,900

TMG was awarded a Job Order Contract with DC Housing Authority to provide general construction for projects owned by, or done on behalf of, the Authority or any of its instrumentalities or affiliates.

Under this contract, TMG has completed four phases of renovations of the LeDroit Senior Apartment building. Phase 1 renovated 12 apartments, phase 2 renovated 22 apartments and 2 offices, phase 3 renovated 36 apartments, and phase 4 renovated 34 apartments, one office, and one resident council space. Renovations included the demolition and disposal of existing kitchens, bathrooms, windows, carpentry, painting, flooring, equipment and sprinklers with all new replacements.

Constructed in 1965, LeDroit Apartments provides housing for seniors and disabled residents.

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Award Winning Safety