Gwynn Park High School Prostart Classroom and Cafe

Type of contract
Job Order Contract
Brandywine, MD
Completion date
August 2017
Construction value

TMG renovated an existing classroom into a Prostart classroom and café. The new classroom simulates a professional environment for Consumer Services, Hospitality and Tourism students who are learning about the culinary arts.

The lab is equipped with six kitchen stations, a refrigerator, a cooler/freezer, a gas range, sink, dishwasher, oven, pantry, upper and lower cabinetry, dry food storage and durable finish countertops. It also includes a demonstration table complete with a mirror and camera above to enable students to observe while the teacher demonstrates.

This project also involved the renovation of an existing room to provide a simulated café setting that will be used for student training.

Award Winning Safety

The very first tenet expressed in TMG’s Values Statement is “Safety Matters.” Using this statement as a guiding principle, TMG has developed an award-winning safety record driven by training and attention to detail.

Award Winning Safety