APS Gunston Middle School Main Entrance Modifications

Type of contract
Fixed Price
Arlington, VA
Completion date
September 2022
Construction value

The Gunston Middle School Main Entrance project involved the relocation of the school’s main entrance to the opposite side of the building so that it is now on the same side of the building as the main road and parking lot.

The scope of the renovation included:

  • Adding an entry vestibule to the relocated and renovated Main Office Suite
  • Flipping two science classrooms with the administrative space to move the main office closer to the East exterior side of the building
  • Relocating and renovating the science classrooms
  • Relocating and renovating the main office suite and conference rooms
  • Adding a new universal ADA toilet
  • Adding a new pantry/coffee station
  • Adding a new resource suite
  • Remediating sagging sidewalk
  • Remediating interior sinking slab
  • Installing new ACT ceilings and finishes throughout the impacted area
  • Replacing First Responder signage throughout the building
  • Modifying the fire suppression and fire alarm system.

The work was conducted in a single phase over the summer of 2022.  During the summer, approximately 100 students and approximately 25 staff of various camp programs remained on-site and the existing school remained operational for these programs. The safety of the students and staff was of paramount importance, and the impact to the day-to-day operations of the school was minimized to the greatest extent possible.

Award Winning Safety

The very first tenet expressed in TMG’s Values Statement is “Safety Matters.” Using this statement as a guiding principle, TMG has developed an award-winning safety record driven by training and attention to detail.

Award Winning Safety