DCHA Judiciary House Garage and Parking Deck Repairs

Type of contract
Fixed Price
Washington, DC
Completion date
October 2020
Construction value

Under a Job Order Contract, TMG was hired to repair the two-level parking garage at the Judiciary House building in Washington, DC.

Demolition include removing the existing asphalt topping at upper level of the parking garage, removing the sloped concrete ramp to the loading dock, removing existing waterproofing membrane from the structural slab, excavating at exterior edge of the garage structure, and removing concrete in the upper level of the garage.

Once demolition was complete, TMG then installed new light-weight concrete to repair partial and full-depth demolished concrete, repaired mortar joints, replaced deteriorated brick at the façade wall, replaced CMU blocks, applied waterproofing and flashing, painted, added six drains to the elevated garage level, installed 8,850 SF of asphalt topping at the upper-level garage, and restriped the garage.

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Award Winning Safety