DCHA Benning Terrace Community Improvements

Type of contract
IDIQ Task Order
Washington, DC
Completion date
March 2018
Construction value

TMG was awarded a job order to provide construction of stormwater drainage and site/civil improvements at Benning Terrace, a multi-family townhouse and apartment community in the Southeast Corridor of Washington DC that includes a recreational playing field, sports courts, and green space.

The site had poor drainage and was overwhelmed by stormwater runoff from higher grades and discharge from the downspouts of adjacent buildings. When there was rain, the community would be flooded with runoff and, because of the poor drainage, the water would stand in large ponds on the playing field for several days. The other greenspaces would remain saturated and marshy. The standing water led to infestations of mosquitoes in the warmer months.

To solve the water issues, TMG created a new stormwater drainage system for the site which included three new bio-retention ponds. TMG also added a major deep storm drain system that took on the overflow from the three ponds, several area drains, trench drains, and most of the downspouts of the adjacent apartment buildings.

Once the storm drain system was put in place, TMG then installed new asphalt trails in the recreational areas as well as concrete pads for picnic shelters, exercise equipment, and a new patio. TMG also installed new stairs and handrails, sidewalks, fencing, playground equipment, and landscaping.

The community also became involved in the project through two DCBIA (District of Columbia Building Industry Association) Community Improvement Days. Approximately 500 DCBIA volunteers donated their time and materials to paint the asphalt paths and playing courts, install new banners and signage, and build the picnic pavilions. The DCBIA Community Improvement Days were part of an effort to create a thriving sports, recreation and activity space for Benning Terrace residents. This project took a poorly draining, rundown space and created a new hub for sports and recreation in DC’s Ward 7.

This project was completed under a Job Order Contract with DC Housing Authority to provide general construction for projects owned by, or done on behalf of, the Authority or any of its instrumentalities or affiliates. The contract was used for the repair, alteration, modernization, maintenance, rehabilitation, demolition and construction of infrastructure, buildings and structures.

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