Russell “Rusty” Cook
Vice President of Accounting

Russell “Rusty” Cook

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Rusty Cook has worked in various capacities of the construction industry for over 41 years, with 19 of those being at TMG. His primary focus is corporate finances including development and implementation directives such as strategic planning, budgeting and managing financial risk.

Working closely with project management, Rusty identifies areas of improvement by providing relevant, timely and intuitive feedback. His valuable insights furnish senior management with operational information used on a regular basis. Rusty is also responsible for reporting, controlling and recording keeping of accounting functions that involve developing, maintaining and providing training for the overall system for reporting.

“The best part of my job is working on every aspect of the business. Every day is different. I prepare various financial reports including forecasts and budgets. I have a wonderful team that helps me and supports TMG in so many ways. The manner in which we work is positive and friendly – we are like a family looking out for each other and the company. Everyone is appreciated for the contributions they make. I can honestly say that I really love my job,” said Rusty.

Additionally, Rusty is highly involved with the processes and interactions related to insurance, banking, bonding, employee benefits, taxes, auditing, legal and any other external stakeholder or provider, as deemed necessary.

Rusty shared, “The work we do affects everyone from our owners, co-workers, clients, subcontractors and suppliers. There is never a single project that stands out to me. It is the respect, reliance and longevity over many projects that really creates that feeling of continued success.”