Design-Build Consolidated Operations Center

9,300 SF
Type of contract
IDIQ, Design-Build
Fort Belvoir, Springfield, VA
Completion date
August 2019
Construction value

TMG completed the design-build conversion of an existing 9,300 SF data center space into a 24×7 operations center.

The space was renovated to create a usable Operation Center Floor, Situation Room, Special Access Office, Conference Room, Kitchenette, and dedicated Electrical Room. The project area was divided into two spaces: the operations center floor/general work area and the entry/support spaces. The 280 SF gathering area functions as a physical and visual transition from the building proper to the sensitive operations area. Within the operations center, the secure conference room suite was designed to meet ICD 705 security standards, with additional acoustic separations around the perimeter. The conference room, including the glazing, meets STC 45 acoustics. The design incorporated dual feed technical and utility electrical systems, large wall video displays, dedicated air handling, and humidification within a collaborative, active workspace. This project was completed with zero disruption to utilities.

This project was performed as a task order under an IDIQ contract with Boeing. Boeing serves as the owner’s representative for procurement and project management for customer facilities in the Northern Virginia area.

Award Winning Safety

The very first tenet expressed in TMG’s Values Statement is “Safety Matters.” Using this statement as a guiding principle, TMG has developed an award-winning safety record driven by training and attention to detail.

Award Winning Safety