TMG Teaches Kids About the Science of Safety

TMG volunteers helped bring STEAM to more than 6,000 students and 1,100 teachers, chaperones, and parents during the STEAM Field Trip Day on Friday at the 2022 Joint Base Andrews Air Show, as well as to the nearly 50,000 other visitors of the air show on Saturday and Sunday.

TMG hosted a booth that focused on the “Science of Safety,” and specifically on OSHA’s Focus Four of Construction. The featured topics included the major causes of accidents in the construction industry, the steps we can take to prevent these accidents, and the opportunities to learn from these accidents to make future construction safer. At the TMG booth, children were able to watch an OSHA video on the Focus Four, participate in different educational and coloring activities, as well as try on and handle Personal Protective Equipment such as hard hats, safety vests, eye protection, and harnesses.

Hosted by the Society of Military Engineers (SAME) Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Mid-Maryland Posts, the air show invited industry partners to help celebrate STEAM and AEC industry excellence while educating our future constructors!

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who gave their time over the weekend to demonstrate the science of safety to children, teachers, and visitors attending the Air Show.

Award Winning Safety

The very first tenet expressed in TMG’s Values Statement is “Safety Matters.” Using this statement as a guiding principle, TMG has developed an award-winning safety record driven by training and attention to detail.

Award Winning Safety