DCA Signature Flight – Coming in for a Landing

TMG’s Signature Flight Project at DCA has been quite the ride. Initially scheduled for completion in March, the project delivery date was pushed back to July 23rd for Furniture Installation and August 2nd, 2020 for Final Acceptance due to significant design changes that involving plenum HVAC systems and most of the custom finishes.

So to make it more interesting, just as the redesign was finalizing itself, the COVID-19 crisis came to be and much of the millwork that was being made in Peru was delayed to the last minute, which is now finally on site and causing a last minute push. The project has seen many twists and turns in the planning and execution and it is taking a lot of dedicated people working seven days a week to get this to the finish line. Our mission is to deliver high quality construction, on time and cost effectively and it will be nice to see this project complete.