Catering Kitchen – Gas Upgrades

TMG was awarded the renovation of a Catering Kitchen project at the World Bank Main Complex in Washington, DC.

At the start of the project, the project team discovered that there was insufficient gas pressure and volume available to the existing kitchen equipment that would cause the new equipment being installed incidental to this contract to not perform properly and further compound the problem.

In response, TMG worked with its Mechanical Contractor Clover to create baseline measurements of the gas currently available and thereafter worked with the MPE Engineer, Setty Associates, the Bank and with Washington Gas to design and implement a fix that would take place incidental to the renovations of the Catering Kitchen Project.

The solution to the problem took a number of weeks to arrive at a technical solution that involved replacing 200′ of 3″ gas main, reconfiguring regulators and 6″ gas pipe in the meter room and a complete drain down and restart of approximately 25 pieces of equipment in the existing kitchen. Further challenges included working in metal pan ceilings that traversed the private dinning room hallways and time pressures to expedite to get the kitchens back in service.

Once the design was complete and notice to proceed was issued, TMG and Clover Mechanical reconfigured all of the piping in less than 10 days and on a long weekend shut down, cut-in and restarted all of the equipment. TMG Safety worked closely with the project team to develop an Activity Hazzard Analysis (AHA) and a Method of Procedure (MOP) to safely perform the work in a manner that managed the end users needs so that there would not be surprises involving the shut down and/or the Monday morning startup of the equipment.

The project went off without incident and was a success.