Top Soil Screening Underway at Scott Jenkins Memorial Park

TMG’s first award of 2017, Scott Jenkins Memorial Park Phase II, kicked off construction in early April. To date, the existing grass and shrubbery have been removed, the area has been graded to produce level playing fields, and now the topsoil is being screened to remove stone and debris.

The top soil screening was considered as a competitive strategy with significant environmental and economic benefits. Normally, in field construction projects, the top soil would be removed, discarded as fill, and replaced with imported material.  Instead, TMG took a critical look at the soils report for the Scott Jenkins site and decided that if we screen and amend the existing soil, we can potentially save the client over $1 million in hauling, dis posal and new material costs. We are keeping thousands of cubic yards of dirt from being discarded in landfills, while reducing pressure on local farms and topsoil sources.

Once the topsoil has been screened, the fields will be regraded to ensure surface trueness, and then the grass will be installed – creating grassy and safe playing fields for soccer and baseball.

The $3.3 million project will include one soccer field, three small baseball fields, a concession stand, two pavilions and a parking lot of 190 spaces.  The project is expected to be complete in September 2017.