(Effective 5/13/2020, 4:00 PM) (Update 5)
The following protocol is effective immediately and will continue through at least June 30th, 2020. (To be further evaluated as the CDC, WHO and subject matter experts advise): 

  1. This policy applies to all TMG Employees, Subcontractors, Consultant and others who have a direct interaction with TMG operations;
  2. All individuals who are involved in TMG operations who are feeling sick or have an elevated temperature are not allowed on TMG controlled jobsites and/or in offices. Individuals exhibiting signs of sickness are asked to stay home and to seek medical help as may be appropriate.
  3. All people involved in TMG operations (including employees, subcontractor, delivery personnel, consultants, etc) shall seek to maintain and require others to maintain a distance of 6’ from other people to the fullest extent practical (physical distancing) and shall be dispersed across our jobsites and offices to limit the density of people working in proximity to each other to 10 people or less;
  4. The use of face masks and gloves are encouraged and situations that require individuals to work closer than 6’ shall require that all individuals who are involved in the task wear face masks.
  5. All people involved in TMG operations shall wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and/or use a germicide regularly and to practice good personal hygiene as recommended by health care and disease control professionals;
  6. All offices and jobsites shall make a daily effort to provide the following:
    • Make available hand soap, paper towels and a germicide for public use by staff, subcontractors and visitors;
    • Item such as handrails, faucets, door knobs and switches that people would regularly touch shall be cleaned daily with a Clorox or alcohol wipe;
  7. Visitors to all TMG offices and project sites (including family members) shall be limited to individuals that have an essential and bona fide purpose. Visitors shall be notified that their attendance is subject to their being in good health, to not having a cough or a fever and that they shall act consistent with this policy;
  8. Work at TMG’s corporate and regional offices shall be limited to the individuals that regularly report to these offices and employees that don’t require regular interaction with others shall be encouraged to tele-commute and/or work flexible schedules to reduce density of people working in close proximity to one another to the extent practical;
  9. All meetings to the fullest extent possible that involve people who would otherwise have to travel to participate in the meeting shall be conducted via GoToMeeting, Zoom or via conference calls. In-person meetings shall be limited to no more than ten people (internal and external) unless a mission critical meeting requires additional attendees;
  10. All individuals involved in TMG operations that have been exposed to an individual who has been tested positive or believes he or she has been directly exposed to COVID-19 shall stay home and be quarantined as required by disease control professionals;
  11. Greeting gestures shall be limited to virtual elbow bumps (no physical contact). Handshakes are no longer allowed;
  12. Commercial Aircraft travel shall be limited to domestic flights only and shall be limited to client driven requirements that cannot otherwise be accomplished by GotoMeetings, Zoom and/or teleconference. Care shall be taken to maintain a distance of 6’ from other travelers. Wearing face masks, gloves and taking other reasonable precautions are encouraged;
  13. All face-to-face classes are suspended;
  14. Attendance at all conferences and public gatherings are suspended;
  15. Group participation in Lunch-n-learn meetings shall be limited to those who regularly work together;
  16. Report all concerns to a member of TMG’s Executive Committee and /or a supervisor; and
  17. The above policy is effective the date and time noted above and shall be superseded by updates when new information is made available.

Your health and safety are vitally important. Stay vigilant and exert extra care for one another during these unprecedented times.