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Mindworks Retail Space at IAD
December 1, 2004
John Warren, TMG
TMG is proud to announce the completion of Stellar Partnerís Mindworks Retail Space located at midfield terminal "D" at Dulles International Airport. The retail space was completed on an accelerated schedule in time to support the holiday travel season. Construction involved demolition and a new tenant fit out of a highly colorful retail space that sells novelties to travelers. The product offerings and the inviting nature of the space is the foundation for a highly successful venture.

As with most retail projects at Dulles Airport, numerous specialties were incorporated into the project. This included installation of specialty lighting, millwork, specialty storage systems, custom rubber flooring and a difficult sign package. TMG was able to complete the work on time and within budget.

TMG recently completed the construction of a new Mindwroks retail outlet at IAD in time for the holiday shopping season.